Click Here to Like (and Buy) Shares — on Facebook

Click Here to Like (and Buy) Shares — on Facebook


People are finding dates (and mates) online. Buying major appliances and shopping for cars. Doing pretty much all of their banking.

Why not buy stock directly from companies? By June, you might be buying stock via Facebook in increments as low as $10 and at zero cost, if one firm gets its way.

Loyal3, a San Francisco web company, announced at a recent conference that it would start offering shares of public companies straight from a company’s Facebook page and complete the transaction in three clicks of a mouse.

"The truth is people care more about things that they own than things they don't," Barry Schneider, chairman, president, and CEO of Loyal3 told AdAge Digital. "We set out to modernize a system to make it cost effective for brands and made it as easy for consumers as buying a book on Amazon."

The idea is...

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