We don't Really Know Anything Do we ??

We don't Really Know Anything Do we ??

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In the realm of 3D we can only perceive 3D so what is Knowledge then?? Those IN THE KNOW " KNOW" and for those that don't well it hard to tell them. We Copy Info from one another but InFo are just Info eventually we come to the Conclusion that we Don't Really Know anything and That is the KEY. " To know nothing is to know everything " Well? how can that be???? I DON"T KNOW ?? That just how it's Look WITHIN Ya self and STOP giving ya power away. Follow your Path and stop interfering with other Path that is the key to Unconditional LOVE or Unconditional " TRUTH " PEACE...... Those that resonate good those that don't too Bad lol

Do Your Homework/ Inner Work no one gonna do it for you or you would rather prefer the Media to do it for you. Enjoy the show

Reprogramming the mind take a long time so you need to have patience :)

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