The Criminally-Minded Approach for Achieving Goals

The Criminally-Minded Approach for Achieving Goals

Source: 7P Productions

You’re faced against the establishment and all the rules are against you. Those rules are there for a reason - to protect the haves and to keep out the have-nots, and you’re one of the have-nots.

To succeed in such situations, sometimes you have to break the rules. If you’re willing to do what it takes to win, do it right. You’ll need the criminal’s mindset if you want to pull this off. Here are the guidelines for using the criminally-minded approach. However if you get caught, better not rat me out!


  1. Be prepared to break the rules: These are the conventional rules, the ones where the have’s created to help them get bigger while also making it harder for the up-and-comers like you. They’re afraid of you because you’re better than them and their only advantage is having a head start. However, you’re also smarter than them so those rules won’t stop you. In order to break those rules though, you have to first be willing to break them.
  2. Believe that you will get away with the act: Have the vision and confidence that you will succeed. If you look suspicious or lose your cool, you’ll be busted.
  3. Gather the right crew: You’ll need the right partners in crime to pull the heist. No one can do this job alone, so make sure you get like-minded people who can give you the help you need.
  4. Case the joint: Exploit weaknesses in the system. Every system has a weakness, and success is a matter of finding this weakness and understanding how to exploit it.
  5. Have a meticulous plan: Put on your mastermind hat. Be particularly attentive to details, because you may not have a second chance. You got valuable knowledge after casing the joint, so don’t let it go to waste by leaving things to chance.
  6. Always have a Plan B: Even the best laid plan can go awry due to unexpected events. Have a Plan B, and make sure it’s good enough that it would actually work if it’s used!
  7. Feel the rush: Get a sense of thrill and adventure for committing the crime. Use the excitement to heighten your senses and to be alert.
  8. If needed, bust out the big guns: Remember, the have’s do not want you to succeed and may have security systems to take you down. Pull no punches - if things are going down, don’t be afraid to use your heavy ammo. For inspiration, think Scarface:

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